What constitutes price differences between your vanities?

Price differences are attributable to a multitude of factors, from size and brand name to the number of additional components incorporated into the design. But the most significant factor is the material from which your new vanity is made. Bathroom vanities can be built from wood, stone, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and many other materials of varying quality, weight, and value.

Are vanities difficult to install?

Installing a new bathroom vanity is a fairly simple procedure including a few basic steps: make sure you have sufficient space in your bathroom to accommodate the vanity, then attach the included hoses and hardware to your built-in plumbing. Installing the vessel sink varies depending on the style, and whether you intend to have it resting on the counter or recessed into it; both require a strong adhesive, but recessed sinks tend to be easier.

Pedestal sinks and vessel sinks: what’s the difference?

A pedestal sink is a "stand-alone" piece of furniture, a stationary sink attached to a stand of some kind (often a column made of the same material as the sink itself). Pedestal sinks typically do not have any cabinet space. A vessel sink, on the other hand, is a single sink that can be attached to any pedestal or bathroom vanity cabinet - allowing for all sorts of customization.

Where are your vanities manufactured?

Our vanities are manufactured in parts of East Asia, and some models are at least partially assembled in Europe. However, final assembly and quality control happens in our warehouse in the United States.

What color is "espresso," exactly?

Our signature vanity color is named "espresso" because, much like a hot cup of coffee, it is an extremely dark brown color - almost black - that has varying hints of light brown and red. It’s a rich, elegant color that appears perfectly black in dim light, but under direct lights its warmer natural hues begin to appear.

What is a "pop up" drain?

Typically, drain stops are operated by a lever attached to a faucet - you lift the lever up or down, and the drain stop moves accordingly. A pop up drain is an independent fixture that rests in the drain hole; it includes a spring mechanism that locks into place if you press down on the drain, and unlocks if you press down again. It’s a simple and elegant drain stop that doesn’t depend on your faucet, so you can use any faucet you like!

What is cultured marble or stone?

Cultured marble, sometimes called "microlite" on our products, is a manufactured product that consists of natural stone, polyester resin, and pigment. The mix of material is cast into a mold then finished with a clear gel coat. The resin and the stone combine to make the material exceptionally strong, but less heavy and far less expensive than solid stone. Additionally, cultured marble has all the beauty of stone but is even more resistant to chipping because the resin mix is much more difficult to harm. The clear gel gives the finished product a beautiful glistening appearance, and protects it from any water damage.

How do I know I’ve got the right plumbing in my house for the vanity I plan to buy?

Generally, plumbing in any house is of the "standard" variety. For that reason, we exclusively sell vanities and vessel sinks that accommodate standard indoor plumbing. However, if your vanity does not work with your plumbing, we may offer you some suggestions. We typically recommend that you hire a professional plumber to install your vanity, as they will be able to do it very quickly and easily, and without doing any damage to your vanity components. If you are concerned or undecided in this matter, please contact us before you make a decision as we’d love to help you find a vanity that fits perfectly in your home.

How much do I pay for shipping?

Free shipping and curbside delivery is included on all orders (no minimum order value) within the contiguous United States - we do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska. We do not ship to Canada either, but we have worked with freight forwarders in the past to find ways to get our products as close to our Canadian customers as possible. For a shipping quote, please contact us.

I live near your showroom - can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

Our showroom and warehouse houses only a small percentage of all the vanities we feature on our website. The majority of our products ship from different manufacturer warehouses across the country. Please contact us to see if we have your ideal product in our showroom or warehouse. If we have it, you are more than welcome to pick it up yourself at your convenience. We love working with our local customers!

Do you charge sales tax?

We only charge sales tax on orders for customers in California. We do not charge sales tax on any other orders.

What if a vanity is delivered damaged?

If the vanity is delivered damaged, you MUST notate the damage on the shipper’s Bill of Lading BEFORE the delivery driver leaves your premises (your notations need to be on his copy, as well). It is your responsibility to indicate any and all damages to the product before the shipper leaves. From there, you can submit a claim form to us and we will handle your claim against the shipper on your behalf. Please read our return policies and procedures for more information, and call us right away at 888-954-5559.

What kind of "Oak" do you use in your vanities?

Our vanities are made from real oak and rubberwood products - they are not solid slabs of oak, as this would be incredibly impractical for bathroom furniture. Vulcanized rubberwood and oak "mixed-density" wood is made to expand and contract without breaking or warping the furniture when exposing it to humidity. Rubberwood is taken from the Para rubber tree, also known as the "Thailand Oak." These trees are cultivated because they yield a high quality wood with a tight grain. Rubberwood is ecologically sustainable timber, making it a "green" product - it grows back extremely quickly, unlike North American oak.

What do you mean when you say that a vanity is "sealed?"

All of our wood bathroom cabinets are finished with several coats of sealant that keeps out moisture and humidity. This will prevent the cabinet from warping and rotting over time. All of our cultured marble tops are also sealed with a coat of clear gel. This keeps moisture out of the pores in your countertop and prevents them from breaking due to water damage.

Can you customize any of your vanities?

Many of our vanities are inherently customizable, in that you can choose your own faucets, vessel sinks, finishes, and sometimes even tops. However, not all cabinets are customizable. Look for the dropdown custom menus on any product page for your options. Additionally, we sell some of our vanities topless - giving you the freedom to use any top you like. Please contact us if you have any more specific questions about customizing your vanity.

Do you have touch-up sticks in case the vanity has a scratch?

For all JWH Imports vanity orders in the "espresso" finish, we provide a small touch-up kit free with your order and is located somewhere in the packaging. For all other vanities however, you have other options: for damage that occurs after your vanity has been installed, we recommend checking out your local hardware store. We prefer using wax fill sticks in a dark plum, ebony, or black color for our "espresso" finish furniture, and any clear or color for our white and birch vanities. You may also get touch-up kits from the vanity manufacturer. For non-espresso JWH Imports vanities, give us a call and we may be able to send you out a small touch up kit free of charge.

Can I order any vanity without the countertop?

No. Only some of our vanities can be ordered without a countertop. Check the vanity description for more information on options, or alternatively, check the "topless option" filter in the left hand menu of any category page to view only those vanities that are currently available without tops.

Are glass countertops tempered glass?

Yes. All of them are. Tempered glass is more expensive, but it will last a lot longer and can put up with a lot more stress.

How long does it take to receive my items once I've placed my order?

Most products ship from their warehouse within 2 to 5 days; however, transit time between the warehouse and your home will vary based on the shipping company used, how far you are from a terminal, and the date your delivery is scheduled to be delivered, decided between you and the shipper. Typically, we expect that all orders will be delivered within 2 to 5 weeks, from the moment you place your order to the moment it arrives at your door. Read more about this process on our Terms and Conditions page.