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Bathroom Safety Tips for the Elderly

We all like to think of our homes as harbors of safety and security. But the truth is there are dangers lurking about in our homes. Death from unintentional accidents that take place in the house account for being the second most common location -behind injuries on the road- of such fatalities. We all get […]

Bathroom Safety for Toddlers

Junior’s ready for bath time. But are you? Most babies love bath time and this is the reason you need to be vigilant when it’s time for baby’s scrub down. Kids are curious. They want to get into anything and everything they can. It’s “explore the world time” no matter what room they’re in but […]

modus floating double sink vanity

Hung Up on Style: Why Wall-Mounted Vanities are More Popular Than Ever

The wall-mounted vanity, sometimes called a “floating vanity,” is nothing new to the bathroom design scene. For some time, they have been especially common in commercial and industrial settings, such as high-end restaurants, hotel rooms, and more. But it wasn’t until this decade, really, that they became immensely popular in residential applications as well. Indeed, […]

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How to Choose The Best Led Shower Head Types

on the matter of why you need it, these shower lights offer a mood change during your shower time.Let’s say you get back from work feeling tired, or you wake up but still feeling sleepy, these lights activate your mood. They’re also a lot of fun for kids when you want to give them a […]

This Old But Updated Trend Brings Quiet Luxury Back to Your Bathroom

When you think of a bathroom vanity, your thoughts might turn to over the top Hollywood glamour. The bathroom vanity is making a comeback but in a less outdated way. Here are examples of vanities that suit any space, style and budgets. Pictures are provided to help you determine how to update your bathroom with […]

If Americans used bidets fifteen million trees could be saved

If Americans started using bidets in their home bathrooms, it would cut back considerably on the use of toilet paper, which would assist in saving forests. While this is true, this would be quite a change for Americans since bidets have never been widely used in the U.S. In the early 18th century, bidets were […]

10 DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas

There are ten very interesting do it yourself makeup organizer ideas. No matter how clean it might actually be, a bathroom always tends to look messy. But, you can get it all into tip top shape with some makeup organizers. You can have a top row and bottom row that will put all of your […]