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Give Your Bathroom Classic Allure with Vanities Cabinets

What is the secret to the intrigue and allure of vanities cabinets? To really understand this, we may need to go back in time. About a century ago, before the invention and proliferation of cheap plastics, wood was still the reigning king of furniture materials. Because the “assembly line” was not yet a widely-used system, wood craftsmanship was a truly valuable trade that required ample artistry and expertise. Making vanities cabinets involved lots of care and pride, and artisans poured themselves into their work. And while many vanities were imitated or copied, they were never mass produced. Because of this, all of these vanities had their own unique character and personality. The owners of these vanities cabinets had the pride of knowing that they possessed a unique vanity that was built just for them.

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Contemporary Bathroom Vanity: Choosing The Best Modern Design

A new bathroom vanity can easily make your bathroom look and feel brand new. Your entire bathroom’s design can easily be transformed by choosing the right bathroom vanity. In choosing the type of vanity for your lavatory, it is important to consider the over-all design and theme of your home. A sleek and stylish contemporary bathroom vanity can compliment a modern home with a compact and simple bathroom.

Signs You Know it’s Time to Replace Your Vanity

If you’ve lived in your house for some time, and you’ve always had the same bathroom vanity, then it’s probably becoming a bit of an eyesore. When you consider how much time you spend in the bathroom, it becomes clear that the last thing you want is an unsightly sink and vanity to ruin your […]

A unified master bedroom

Tips to Create a Unified Master Suite

Keeping a unified theme and breaking down barriers between the master bedroom and master bathroom is an increasingly popular trend in modern design for the home. Some people prefer to separate the bedroom and bathroom spaces with different colors and styles. However, most often people prefer to have a bedroom design move continuously into the […]

Bathroom Safety Tips for the Elderly

We all like to think of our homes as harbors of safety and security. But the truth is there are dangers lurking about in our homes. Death from unintentional accidents that take place in the house account for being the second most common location -behind injuries on the road- of such fatalities. We all get […]

Bathroom Safety for Toddlers

Junior’s ready for bath time. But are you? Most babies love bath time and this is the reason you need to be vigilant when it’s time for baby’s scrub down. Kids are curious. They want to get into anything and everything they can. It’s “explore the world time” no matter what room they’re in but […]

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Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom On A Budget

Bathgems’s Key Points Carefully plan out your remodel ahead of time, setting clear priorities and a realistic budget. Focus first on fixes that make the biggest impact. Save money by keeping the existing layout and plumbing configuration. Focus spend on surface upgrades like fixtures, finishes, lighting and storage. Upcycle existing materials in creative ways, such […]

Different Types of Bathroom Vanities

Whether you love soaking in a relaxing bath or singing r&b tunes as you get ready for the day, your bathroom should be just as practical as it is beautiful. The bathroom vanity plays a key role, offering essential storage while determining the overall look of your space. With so many styles and designs to […]

modern vanity

Bathgems’s Guide to Stylish and Functional Modern Bathroom Vanities

As a longtime bathroom furniture company specializing in modern vanities, I’ve helped countless homeowners design beautiful, organized bathrooms that stand the test of time. Through years of experience, I’ve developed a passion for the creative possibilities and practical perks offered by contemporary vanities. So let me take you on a tour of the modern vanity […]

Cleaning Your Bathroom 101

5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Bathroom Your bathroom can start to get pretty dirty given enough time. Clogged toilets, sinks, and drains are beasts that you’ll most likely need to tame at some point. Cleaning your bathroom, toilet, floors, and bathtub are a few more tasks you’ll want to add to your list. If […]

Cleaning your basement after flooding is a 5-step process

Cleaning up your basement after a big flood is a 5 step process that takes a lot of work. It is hard to tell what will happen to your home in a huge storm. Some of the time you can be lucky, and some of the time you could end up with a really big […]