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Bathroom Safety Tips for the Elderly

We all like to think of our homes as harbors of safety and security. But the truth is there are dangers lurking about in our homes. Death from unintentional accidents that take place in the house account for being the second most common location -behind injuries on the road- of such fatalities. We all get […]

Bathroom Safety for Toddlers

Junior’s ready for bath time. But are you? Most babies love bath time and this is the reason you need to be vigilant when it’s time for baby’s scrub down. Kids are curious. They want to get into anything and everything they can. It’s “explore the world time” no matter what room they’re in but […]

modus floating double sink vanity

Hung Up on Style: Why Wall-Mounted Vanities are More Popular Than Ever

The wall-mounted vanity, sometimes called a “floating vanity,” is nothing new to the bathroom design scene. For some time, they have been especially common in commercial and industrial settings, such as high-end restaurants, hotel rooms, and more. But it wasn’t until this decade, really, that they became immensely popular in residential applications as well. Indeed, […]

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Before-and-After: Bathroom Renovations

This post features 15 bathrooms that were redone to suit the needs of people in the 21st century. These posts explore what remodeling a bathroom can accomplish, as mediocre plain looking old bathrooms can be transformed into bathrooms with a gloss and finish of a 21st century facility. Some of the bathrooms in this collection […]

Bathroom Remodeling | Angie’s List

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, there are many things that you need to look at. Evaluating the space and making comparisons is one thing you should do. It is actually something you need to do. If you are planning on updating the space, you need to ask yourself what you wanna do with […]

11 Ideas for a DIY Bathroom Vanity

There are 11 really interesting ideas for a do it yourself bathroom vanity. You can refinish a flea market find. You can also update an existing stock cabinet. There are many stylish ideas for a do it yourself bathroom vanity that can be very inspiring for you. There is a really interesting idea of a […]

Copper Bathtubs: Turning Your Bathroom into an Antique Paradise

Copper can be use in a myriad of ways to bolster the design of an already rustic environment. It can also be used to bring the room together around a central theme of elemental design. This article showcases copper appliances in a home setting that exemplify the beauty of using natural elements to bring vitality […]

Best Handheld Shower Head Reviews

There are some really great shower heads out there. There is a two in one shower head that is really great. This one is really worth checking out due to how great it is compared to others like it. The Delta shower head is made out of plastic. There are many others that are worth […]