Tips to Create a Unified Master Suite

Keeping a unified theme and breaking down barriers between the master bedroom and master bathroom is an increasingly popular trend in modern design for the home. Some people prefer to separate the bedroom and bathroom spaces with different colors and styles. However, most often people prefer to have a bedroom design move continuously into the bathroom space with similar colors and decorative pieces.

A unified master bedroom

If you are looking to create a unified master suite which flows seamlessly between bedroom and bathroom, then here are a few tips to get you started.

1) Play with color schemes

If you are looking to unify the bedroom and bathroom while keeping the existing walls as separation, you can consider playing with the color schemes to create an overall feeling of oneness to the two areas. Inverting the color schemes, for example, can visually connect the spaces. Be creative! Do you have a white bedspread and black headboard? Try using black towels with white walls in the bathroom to invert the colors.

2) Utilize a similar style throughout the space

If you have a modern bed and modern furniture throughout the bedroom space, then try using a sleek, modern style painting or art piece in the bathroom area as well. Staying with the same design style throughout the two spaces will create a visual connection between them.

3) Maintain consistency while defining “zones”

While you ought to maintain a similar color scheme and overall design style through the master suite, most often the bathroom is separated by a wall or door. Alternatively, you can consider defining the separation of space with a physical signal such as a raised floor or tile to indicate the transition from bedroom to bathroom. Again, the two spaces ought to preserve the same design style.

4) Open the spaces

Consider bringing the tub, or entire bathroom, into the room. While some may balk at this suggestion, you can join the spaces and choose to hide the toilet with a screen or glass at the same time. Eliminating the walls and opening the space between bedroom and bathroom while defining the distinct areas–with tile verses carpet, for example–can create the unified look you may be seeking.

5) Reiterate designs throughout the spaces

As we have mentioned, unifying the color schemes and design styles can create a unified master bedroom and bathroom. However, you do not have to have the same color schemes throughout the bedroom and bathroom spaces to create a unified look. You can repeat certain design styles to create the undivided appeal. Do you have a favorite painting in the bedroom? Try using a similar painting in the bathroom or one by the same artist. You do not necessarily have to include the same color schemes in both spaces to unify them. Repeating designs can create the unified theme you have been looking for.

As you can see, creating a unified master bathroom and bedroom does not have to be elaborate. You can use simple matching color schemes and design styles, open the spaces between the two rooms, or even use repeated elements throughout the spaces. There are a plethora of ways to create a unified master suite. Now all you have to do is get creative and get started! For all your bathroom furniture needs, shop with us! And for your matching bedroom furniture, we recommend our friends at Please pay them a visit and support small web businesses!

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