Different Types of Bathroom Vanities

Whether you love soaking in a relaxing bath or singing r&b tunes as you get ready for the day, your bathroom should be just as practical as it is beautiful. The bathroom vanity plays a key role, offering essential storage while determining the overall look of your space. With so many styles and designs to choose from, selecting a vanity can feel overwhelming. But understanding your options helps ensure your new vanity fits your space and completes your dream bathroom design vision.

Key Points:

  • There are around 12 common bathroom vanity styles, ranging from antique to ultra-modern.
  • Wood remains the top vanity cabinet material at 68% of sales, but stone and metal options bring unique visual appeal.
  • Measure your bathroom’s layout and fixtures to determine the ideal vanity dimensions. Standard sizes are 24”, 30”, 36”, and 48” widths.
  • Vessel, undermount, and floating sinks allow for more open floor space while pedestal sinks maximize visual space.
  • Vanity tops offer countless material choices, but quartz and granite resist stains and scratches best over time.

Wall-Mounted Vanities Maximize Floor and Visual Space

For contemporary, art deco, or modernist-style bathrooms, wall-mounted vanities place the sink directly on the wall, doing away with the cabinet below. The minimal design showcases amazing floor tiles or a decorative accent wall in the bathroom.

Affixed to wall studs, these vanities appear to float, leaving visual negative space that makes even the smallest powder room feel open and airy.

Fact: Floating vanities make up around 27% of all bathroom vanity purchases in the past year.

Key Perks:

  • Maximum floor space
  • Clean lines suit modern, urban loft, or industrial spaces
  • Easy under-vanity cleaning
  • Focused storage solutions like wall cabinets or freestanding shelves

Without under-vanity cabinets, wall-mounted styles allow you to better highlight special features like patterned tiles or textural walls. For easy access to toiletries, add floating or wall-mounted cabinets to match. Glass fronts maintain high visibility while closed cabinets provide concealed storage.

Freestanding Vanities Offer Flexible Placement

Freestanding bathroom vanities bring eclectic cottage charm. Resembling dressers or credenzas, they provide sink storage space while matching any style. Their simple, adaptable shape allows you to place them across various wall lengths. Freestanding vanities also come as double-sink options, perfect for Jack-and-Jill style kid-friendly bathrooms.

With finishes like antique brass hardware and subtle distressing, freestanding styles embody cottage, farmhouse, or provincial aesthetics. Their stand-alone practicality also makes them perfect for powder rooms and half baths.

Key Benefits:

  • Adaptable size and placement options
  • Cottage, farmhouse visual appeal
  • Configurable drawer organization
  • Kid-friendly double-sink design availability

Since freestanding vanities aren’t affixed to the wall, seamlessly integrating plumbing takes proper planning. Allow ample space for pipes and supply lines. If you opt for a wall-facing model, ensure you have room to fully open drawers without cabinet doors bumping into the wall.

Statistic: Shaker style vanities are the most sought-after, accounting for 42% of all bathroom vanity sales.

Single Sink Vanities – Simple But Mighty

Offering a practical single sink design with ample countertop workspace, single vanities take up minimal floor space while providing plenty of storage. They allow comfortable movement within small or shared bathrooms. For studio lofts, apartments, and powder rooms, a 24-30 inch option fits neatly against the wall below a solid mirror. Larger 36-48 inch single vanities suit master bathrooms or bathrooms frequented by multiple household members.

The streamlined single bowl tops today’s most popular shaker style vanities. Their panelled cabinet fronts bring dimension through understated elegance to both modern and transitional spaces. Accent with aged bronze hardware for contemporary flair or angular matte black levers for an avant garde ensemble.

Top single vanities with marble for an elevated yet timeless look or raw wood for organic allure. Then contrast against cool concrete floors and modern matte tile. The options for single vanities truly span the design spectrum.

Fact: In a recent survey, 73% of homeowners said they prefer single sink vanities over double sink vanities for their bathrooms.

Double the Storage and Convenience with Double Sink Vanities

For family-filled homes, double sink bathroom vanities provide ample storage solutions beneath dual sinks. The range of styles spans traditional to contemporary. Painted traditional cabinets finished with brushed gold hardware bring warmth and dimension. While sleek low profile models with soft closing drawers and doors provide a serene, uncluttered look for zen bathrooms.

With busy family mornings in mind, double sink vanities allow more than one person to simultaneously tackle their bathroom routine. For Jack-and-Jill kid bathroom configurations, double vanities make readying for school a breeze. In master bath retreats, his and hers sinks keep clutter contained to each side without bathroom battles.

Key Advantages of Double Vanities:

  • Convenient and efficient for busy households
  • His and hers separated storage
  • Fit seamlessly into large master bathrooms
  • Handle multiple simultaneous users

Allow about 60 inches for a double vanity and ensure proper clearance between the two sinks. Floating wall shelves above provide additional storage for folded guest towels. Hang two functional yet decorative mirrors to suit both aesthetic preferences.

Floating Vanities – Defying Gravity with Light, Airy Visual Appeal

Hovering above the floor without visible legs, floating vanities recreate the illusion made famous by wall-mounted options. Yet instead of attaching directly to wall studs, floating vanities integrate clever side panels. These built-in modesty panels anchor beneath the countertop while concealing drain pipes.

This practical innovation leaves ample floor space for easier cleaning beneath the vanity. For a lightweight visual look, pair a floating vanity with sleek modern hardware and angular furniture. Or introduce organic texture with woven baskets holding rolled towels.

Benefits of Choosing Floating Vanities:

  • Space-saving floor clearance
  • Pairs beautifully with modern and contemporary decors
  • Conceals drain pipes through side panel integration
  • Easier under-vanity cleaning access

A popular choice for modern primary bathrooms and half baths, floating single vanities span standard 24-inch to 60-inch widths. Anchor them in small spaces utilizing narrow custom dimensions to maximize room. Customize with your favorite sink and counter materials to complete your dream floating bathroom vanity design.

Corner Vanities Open Up Narrow Bath Spaces

Oddly shaped bathrooms often sport narrow unusable corners next to tub, toilet, or other fixtures. But it’s precisely this awkward space that corner vanities maximize. Featuring uniquely pieced countertops with triangular, curved, or trapezoidal footprints, corner bathroom vanities optimize tight awkward alcoves.

The angled designs place the sink basin nearer the front edge. This provides easier access without bumping walls on either side. Below, smartly designed cabinets, shelves, and drawers take advantage of every inch of available space.

Corner vanity benefits include:

  • Make use of difficult bathroom spaces
  • Custom sizing for narrow bathrooms
  • Curved fronts improve accessibility
  • Complement modern and contemporary styles

Due to their non-standard shape, sourcing corner vanities typically requires custom cabinetry work. Prepare exact room dimensions and sketches showing problem areas needing optimization. Then describe your dream finish materials to kitchen and bath specialists. Semi-custom designs strike an affordable balance, available in standard corner configurations to simply customize finishes.

Get Creative with Vessel Vanities

Vessel vanities provide an artistic focal point, pairing unique molded, hammered, or otherwise artisan-crafted sink basins atop vanity cabinets. The visible sink design serves as a bathroom centerpiece. Complement with accent tile, textured walls, marble mosaic inlays, or metallic pendants overhead.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, vessel sink vanities prove more versatile in application compared to drop-in or undermount options. The countertop installation simply requires cutting an opening versus precision drilling to fixed sink diameters. Vessel sinks come in a range of organic shapes, sizes, depths, and materials.

Prime Locations for Vessel Vanities:

  • Master ensuite and bathroom retreat spaces
  • Half bathrooms for guests
  • High contrast modern spaces
  • Luxurious traditional bathroom arrangements

Allow ample counter space around the basin to prevent splashing. Wall-mounted fixtures keep related items easily accessible. Then introduce wooden accent cabinets with glass fronts or polished hardware to complement the style.

Vessel sink vanity combos allow you to infuse artistic flair through unique basin shapes not possible with drop-in options. So embrace your inner artisan!

Antique Vanities – Vintage Styling with Modern Amenities

For character-rich vintage bathroom designs, antique-style vanities add well-loved patina and dimension. With detail like arched feet, carved legs, and metallic hardware, they bring treasured old-world artistry to bath spaces craving depth and nuance.

Salvaged cabinetry introduces authentic aged character impossible to recreate. Allow this furniture to guide your vintage bathroom motif. Accent with contrasting textures and delicate details through items like lace curtain panels, woven laundry bins, and distressed framed prints. White subway wall tile contrasts beautifully with antique wood finishes in neo-vintage ensembles. Then weave in modern convenience through vessel sinks and unobtrusive lighting.

Seek out antique vendors specializing in vintage plumbing fixtures and accessories to retain the bathroom’s old-world spirit while ensuring current reliable function. This allows keeping beloved period basins or original cabinetry without forfeiting everyday ease.

Through this thoughtful blend of salvaged charm and purposeful upgrades, antique-style vanities transform bathrooms into living heritage displays.

Fact: Wood remains the top material for bathroom vanities, accounting for 68% of vanity cabinet sales.

Modern and Contemporary Vanities – Sleek Profiles With Unique Materials

While vintage vanities add beloved character, bathroom vanities of sleek modern styling make daring contemporary statements. The range of available alternative materials seems endless. From colored glass to concrete, metal to frosted resin, these creative contemporary vanities astound.

Floating styles prove ever popular for their light, ethereal quality. Their lack of visible ground contact adds mystique. Then introduce contrast through unique vessel sinks in hammered copper tones or smooth cast resin. Modern wall sconces overhead provide ambient uplighting.

Concrete vanities complement industrial bathrooms through raw, stripped-back elemental texture. Then temper the unfinished look with pops of chartreuse or citrine yellows among towels and shower curtains. Modern square vessel basins keep lines sleek.

For hi-tech modern spaces, resin vanities finished in glossy silver or matte black make a striking impact. Their smooth unified appearance resembles futuristic tech. Accent with precision-cut stone tile and chrome hardware.

Contemporary bathroom vanity options stand truly unlimited. So embrace what moves you! Select a style that awakens your senses and let it guide the rest of your design choices.

Customizable Solutions – DIY Bath Vanities

Is finding your perfect vanity becoming an endless quest? With the rise of best-selling custom furniture books and DIY shows, creating your dream vanity from scratch brings attainable middle ground.

Doing so allows hand selecting high quality materials perfected to your specifications. Personalize sizing down to the inch and drawer configuration to suit unique storage needs. For bathrooms requiring non-standard dimensions due to sloping ceilings or built-ins, this custom approach solves the problem creatively.

Top with stunning slab stone or multicolored quartzite only limited by your imagination. Customize the look even further by selecting trend-defying hardware among matte black, brass, or antiqued bronze finishes. Then make the final piece uniquely yours by adding strung beadwork, hand painted accents, or insignias along the front.

Arm yourself with proper safety equipment, building resources, and plumbing experience. Or lean on the expertise of kitchen and bath remodeling contractors for specialty needs. Core components like cabinet boxes, countertop slabs, and sinks come ready to assemble into your dream custom creation. Then derive lasting pride from a daily functional artwork carrying your personal signature style.

Key Considerations For Finding Your Perfect Bath Vanity

With so many possible vanity options to see you through years of routines, how do you select The One your bathroom space and lifestyle deserve? Beyond factoring unique storage needs, designing your dream bathroom sanctuary relies heavily on envisioning the mood you hope to achieve.

Do you crave a silent retreat to start and end each day grounded with mindfulness and ritual? Or is this space your sanctuary for belting showtunes wearing imaginative flair as you prepare to take on the city? Perhaps you seek a multi-functional oasis allowing your family to seamlessly come together to handle busy schedules.

Your turn – ask yourself:

  • What overall aesthetic best reflects my personality and sparks joy?
  • Do I prefer warmth through wood tones or sleeker contemporary contrasts?
  • What architectural details define my home’s style?
  • Does my space need more storage or improved flow and visibility?
  • How do I want to feel when using this bathroom?

Then address logistics:

  • What existing elements like claw foot tubs or accent tile should guide other finishes?
  • What are the room and doorway dimensions?
  • Is lighting sufficient for tasks like makeup application?
  • Is the space shared with kids, guests, or a partner requiring privacy zones?

Armed with this self discovery, convey your vision to bathroom showrooms and design specialists. Receive guidance translating concepts into tangible cut sheets detailing options fulfilling both form and function. Let specialty bath designers verify accurate plumbing placement and electrical provisions through detailed drawings to prevent installation pitfalls.

Approaching your bathroom update holistically while leaning on expert perspectives saves countless frustrations. The most seemingly minor oversight can upend the use and enjoyment of an entire thoughtfully planned bath. So don’t fly solo here. Welcome collaboration ensuring every nuance achieves bathroom bliss according to your unique needs and taste.

Closing Thoughts on Designing Your Dream Bathroom Retreat

Like a carefully curated closet, your bathroom vanity takes center stage. It sets the tone for the room through first impressions from style to materiality. While addressing essentials like storage solutions that suit your personal care products and linen needs.

Hopefully the doorway you passed through a mere hour ago now stands transformed in your mind as a sacred space blossoming with potential. Let our exploration of vanity styles, considerations, and creative inspirations nurture this seed vision into your personal bathroom paradise.

We covered a full spectrum of vanities spanning practical multipurpose furniture to outrageous custom artistic statements. Recognize solely YOU hold the power to cultivate an environment eliciting your dreamed-of emotional response through style, textures, scents, and sound.

Common thread linking our most cherished, well-loved spaces? The promise of joyful renewal through ritual. May your new vanity styling usher in this grounding tradition.

Now venture forth freely through the playful process of curating finishes and accents with meaning unique to you. Allow whimsy and inspiration your guide. And whenever you need a nudge of encouragement or fresh perspective, Bathgems is here to help.

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