A Wood Vanity Brings Natural Charm and Comfort to Your Home

Are you curious as to why people tend to love a wood vanity so much? To really understand this, we may need to go back in time. About a century ago, before the invention and proliferation of cheap plastics, wood was still the reigning king of furniture materials. Because the “assembly line” was not yet a widely-used system, wood craftsmanship was a truly valuable trade that required ample artistry and expertise.

The Elegance and Style of a Vintage Vanity

There’s something truly majestic about a vintage vanity, something that modern vanities simply cannot replicate. What am I talking about? Let’s take a trip back in time about a hundred years to find out. This was a time before cheap plastic was invented. Among furniure materials, wood still reigned supreme. Since the assembly line had yet to be invented, wood craftsmanship was indeed a very valuable trade.

Majestic Pedestal Vanities Add Style to the Home

With so many different styles of pedestal vanities many people feel as though they may be getting in a little bit over their heads. But you should certainly consider getting new pedestal vanities anyway, because they are so attractive and useful with all of their extra storage space. Great pedestal vanities really improve the organizational motif of a bathroom, and they give you a place to store those things you want to keep hidden. For this reason, purchasing a bathroom vanity is a necessity for any bathroom remodel.

The Master Bedroom Vanity Set

Have a lot of available space in your master bathroom? Try a bedroom vanity set. It is not only a great way to take up some of the extra space you have but there are many other wonderful things that come with having all of that room. For almost the exact cost of a single vanity and sink, a bedroom vanity set will actually give you two cabinets, two sinks, and two mirrors to aid efficiency in the bathroom. This double nature means you won’t have to worry so much about fighting over whose turn it is to use the sink.

An Elegant Wood Bathroom Vanity Will Revitalize a Dull Design

There are so many unique options in pedestal vanities and other kinds of bathroom vanities that most people just feel overwhelmed by the selection process. Choices like a metal or wood bathroom vanity seem to only complicate things.

But you should certainly consider getting new vanities anyway, because they are so attractive and useful with all of their extra storage space.

Have an Alluring Vanity Cabinet in Your Home

Perhaps it starts a long time ago, when hardwood was the furniture material of choice. This was, of course, long before the proliferation of cheap plastic polymers. This was also long before the widespread adoption of the assembly line system. It was, simply put, a time when skilled artisans crafted a vanity cabinet entirely by hand, with skill and professionalism and artistry that modern machines can’t quite seem to replicate. And while many craftsmen imitated their works, they never made carbon copies.