Vanity of the Week for the week of May16, 2011

The first word that comes to mind when I look at this particular floor-standing bathroom vanity is “edgy.” And not “edgy” in the way that Natalie Portman’s role in the recent Arronofsky flick “Black Swan” was edgy (that movie was seriously, seriously edgy by the way). I mean it’s “edgy” in the sense that it prominently features highly dramatic and yet strikingly minimalist angles, or “edges.” Yes, I’m not exactly digging into the creativity box today.

Renovating Bathrooms Using Modern Bathroom Vanities

It should be evident how necessary it is to have modern bathroom vanities. This style integrates utility and beauty into a seamless whole. The influence of modern architecture informs the look and function of vanities as they are made today. Among the important modern bath vanities are bath tubs, sinks, mirrors, shelves & closets, and lights. And you will need to get these brand new if your current vanities have worn down or obsolescenced.