Vanity of the Week for the week of May16, 2011

First, an announcement. I realize now how silly it is to title my “Vanity of the Week” posts with the name of the vanity embedded in them. It totally ruins the suspense, and frankly it’s not fun at all, is it? So, from now on, I will title my VOW posts with the date so we can keep these things nice and orderly. Right? Right!

Good, so, onward and upward. I am pleased to present our newest Vanity of the Week!

The first word that comes to mind when I look at this particular floor-standing bathroom vanity is “edgy.” And not “edgy” in the way that Natalie Portman’s role in the recent Arronofsky flick “Black Swan” was edgy (that movie was seriously, seriously edgy by the way). I mean it’s “edgy” in the sense that it prominently features highly dramatic and yet strikingly minimalist angles, or “edges.” Yes, I’m not exactly digging into the creativity box today.

But take a look and see what I mean:

Capistrano vanity in black finish

Look! Look how awesome it is!

This is the sleek, modern, and curvaceously-challenged 19″ Capistrano Vanity.

The very unique design is a truly eye-catching style that is perfect for any modern or minimalist home. And what this vanity lacks in cabinetry, it more than makes up for with character. Like the most memorable movie roles, images of this vanity will linger in your guests’ mind for weeks after they pay a visit. That is how unique and cool this vanity is.

And that’s interesting, I think, because “cool” is a word I’d rarely use to describe a bathroom vanity. Elegant, lovely, refined, spacious, utilitarian, stunning – I’ve used all these before. But this vanity is a member of a very elite and exclusive vanity club: it is really “cool.”

Capistrano vanity in Maple finish

It also comes in "cool" maple finish!

And despite appearances, it won’t topple over under its own weight, either. This vanity is remarkably well-balanced and comes with all the necessary hardware to effortlessly and clandestinely stabilize the entire unit. Two shelves offer enough storage space for towels and some toiletries, though the lack of cabinetry means you will need to store your surplus bathroom items elsewhere.

Capistrano specifications

We have specs on the vanity too, if that's your thing. Fascinating, right?

Ultimately, this vanity isn’t for you if you’re all about functionality. But if what you’re looking for is a really slick-looking contemporary single-sink vanity to add some serious style to your bathroom design, then look no further, because from an aesthetic perspective the Capistrano is incredible. And at the unbeatable price of $389.20 for the unit (odd and seemingly arbitrary price, I know), you won’t find a better bargain anywhere. And that is why it is the latest model to receive the coveted title of Vanity of the Week!

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