Bathroom Safety for Toddlers

Junior’s ready for bath time. But are you? Most babies love bath time and this is the reason you need to be vigilant when it’s time for baby’s scrub down. Kids are curious. They want to get into anything and everything they can. It’s “explore the world time” no matter what room they’re in but the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous for your young explorer. So while for baby, it’s party time, for you as the parent it can be exhausting. There’s so much to do and so much to think about. You have the challenge of getting them clean and the challenge of keeping them safe while doing it.  Each year there are more than 12,000 fatalities from unintentional injuries so no matter how much you care about your child you have to be alert because there are always things that can go wrong when they are in the bathroom.  If you’re finding yourself groggy or falling asleep then it’s not the time to bathe your child. Your attention to dangers and reactions can be delayed. Common sense goes a long way in maintaining the health and safety of your child. Bathing your child doesn’t have to be a scary experience though if you follow some practical guidelines.

Here are a few to get you started:

Bath Mats – if you didn’t already have them for yourself it’s time to get them for your baby. Installing non-skid mats will help prevent your toddler from falling down and getting hurt.

Constant Attention – one of the more serious dangers in the bathroom is leaving your child unattended. A baby can drown in even a small amount of water.

Remove Cleaning Products from the Tub –this might sound exactly the opposite of why you have your child in the bathroom in the first place but it’s easy to spill shampoo and soap which can quickly lead to a slip and fall.

Check the Water  – you might love a hot bath but your child will not. Check the water temperature to make sure it’s comfortable, not scalding.

Unplug – keep your electrical appliances unplugged from the socket. Even better is to put them fully away and out of reach so they can’t be plugged in.

Cover the Outlets – most bathrooms have plugs slightly higher than the sink, but if you have electrical outlets within the reach of your child it’s time to invest in some plastic outlet covers.

Install GFI – make sure you have this installed to prevent electrical shocks.

Keep them Entertained – bring some of your child’s favorite waterproof toys into the bathroom with you.  A big part of keeping your child safe is keeping their attention on safe activities instead of allowing them to get into mischief.

Keeping alert is important every time you bath your child. Unintentional injuries can still happen even if you’ve got a good routine down so you’ve got to stay vigilant. But once you’ve put these practices into place bath time for your child will be a much better experience for both of you.

May 2024
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