Decorating Ideas For Modern Bathroom Vanities and Remodeling Projects

Contemporary vanities give a touch of uniqueness and style in bathrooms. They are probably the most viable means to add functionality in the bath space since they generally combine several furnishings in a single furniture. A bathroom vanity is that one thing in your bath space that you could truly say your own without necessarily having to stick with current bathroom trends. But, every once in a while bathroom vanities also need some decorative updates not only to maintain their functionality and pristine appearance but also to keep up with your evolving stylistic tastes.

Though modern bathrooms vanities are generally designed to be aesthetically beautiful, there are still many things that you could do with them in order to add your personality to these furnishings as well as to further reinforce their functionality. Rather than spending dollars to purchase new decorative items however, the tips listed below would definitely help you make use of the items available inside your home. Hence, this DIY project is something that you could as do often as you want and would definitely help you unleash your creativity. You could also share these tips to your friends and families in order for them to enhance the look of their vanities.

To begin with, try using the counter top of your contemporary bathroom vanity to cradle your perfume collection or maybe some playful potpourris. Incorporating these aromatic trinkets will surely bring in happy memories due to their smell that you could indulge in while using the bathroom. Place them at the back part of your vanity so that they won’t be knocked-off in case other people use your bathroom. Other than potpourris and your perfume collection you could also use customized bottles of differing height and colors for a touch of liveliness on your vanity.

To experience nature inside your bath space, you could integrate indoor plants on your contemporary vanities. A bonsai or a money plant on the corners of your vanity top could bring in the oriental vibe of Asian gardens right in front of you while you’re doing your make-up; a cactus plant on the other hand could help you achieve a country feel in your space, while a pot of fern plant is a healthy addition since it cleans the air inside your bathroom. Usually, these indoor plants are very easy to care because they would be able to strive even with little sun and water. If you actually don’t like to have a whole pot of plant sitting on your vanity top, you could drape a garland of lilies on the corner of your mirror, or perhaps a bunch of tulips in a vase.

Another option that you could do on your contemporary bathroom vanity is to design the edges of its mirrors. Usually, vanity mirrors are frame-less which gives you the opportunity to infuse your own creativity. You could install lights on the edges of your vanity mirrors, or a pair of sconces on the corners of these furnishings; these light fixtures will not only highlight your vanity mirrors but would also aid you in properly facilitating your personal care routines. If you could spare some extra money you could purchase framing kits from your local DIY stores, or as alternatives you could frame the mirrors of your vanity using the extra ceramic tiles you have, wallpaper boarders or decorative ribbons; just remember to plan this framing project so that you won’t ruin the look of your vanity.

To properly organize the items on the counter top of your contemporary bathroom vanity you could make use of transparent glass caddies or medium-sized fish bowls. These items are economical and stylish storage means to store your make-up brushes and blushes and other personal accessories since they are easy to access and allows you to properly view the articles you need. As for the items in your vanity drawers, keep things organized using decorative separator bars. Overall, there are so many things that you could do to actually enhance the look of your vanity; the only thing that you have to remember is to apply decorations that would show your personality and creativity on your furnishing but would not affect its functionality.

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