Decorating Your Master Bedroom with a Wall Vanity

Double vanities are perfect for your master bathroom

A wall vanity is the best way to make the most of a wide master bathroom. Of course, there are a variety of great functional reasons to get a vanity like this, too. For almost the same price as a single sink and vanity, the double version gives you two vanities, two mirrors, and two sinks. This wall vanity setup effectively eliminates much of the common bathroom bickering over whose turn it is. 

In today’s busy world, most spouses who wake up at about the same time every morning find that individual vanities simply do not cut it. Siblings and roommates, not just spouses, also come into conflict here. By giving the siblings a little more room with an installed wall vanity you can eliminate a lot of standard household stress. Even though you will never solve sibling fighting for good, you can at least cut down on it by bringing in solutions to some of the common problems. On top of helping save time, your wall vanity will also help you get organized with additional storage space. A person can never have too much storage space so the investment for the bathroom wall vanity is definitely worth it. Of course there are also the bedroom vanities that are making a comeback. There is no sink but you still have the counter space and the storage you need in order to get yourself ready for the day. Extra storage is also there as well so you will be able to hide away all of the stuff you need but want to keep out of sight.

wall-vanTake some time and care when choosing your wall vanity materials

So, you’ve decided to get corner bathroom vanities, what’s next? Well now you’ll have to decide which materials and styles you want your vanitys to be made from. With so many options to pick from out there it can become a little confusing. First, you should pay attention to the design of your double sink vanities. The main styles you have to pick from are that of the antique or modern look. Which style you go with will be based on what the rest of the room looks like. Buying a wall vanity that does not match your bathroom design will leave you only with a feature that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Wooden countertops are a common option, although the current popular choice seems to be stone countertops like granite or marble. Whether it is a wood or granite top, you will have a wide range of colors to pick from. With so many options you can surely find the perfect theme. If you really want to go all out then you can find antique vanities that were handcrafted and styled by a person instead of grabbing something that came off of a production line. Either way, ensure that your decision is one you love, because you will be living with it for many years ahead.

Increase the value of your home with double vanities

There is another reason to install wall vanities in your bathroom aside from the aesthetic and functional values. You already know that the bathroom bathroom vanity mirror will increase the aesthetic value of the home. What is normally forgotten is that a wall vanity, if well-chosen and properly installed, can actually increase your home’s resale value. It is the little things such as that which people find later down the road that really increases the value of their home. A wall vanity will make prospective buyers fall in love with your house, so it will sell that much faster. The fact is clear. Kitchens and bathrooms are what sell a home. Every step you take in a remodeling job should be about what you need now out of it and what you need out of it in the future. So work on improving your quality of life with the bathroom vanity mirror and be able to sell your home with ease if the need ever comes about. Even if you think you are never selling your home, it is much better to be prepared in the end, perhaps with some great double vanities.

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