Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Right Toilet

With all the design decisions you have to make when renovating your bathroom it can be easy to forget that you have a choice in the type of toilet you install. And these days there are more toilet choices than ever! But each one can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. Read on to learn all the different types of toilets that you should consider for your bathroom!

There are far more basic styles to toilets than you might realize. Most homes feature the traditional two-piece toilet that has a separate tank and base. They’re the least expensive and least offensive toilet option. This can also result in them feeling a little boring, or at the very least, expected. The one-piece toilet is a more modern style that is one complete unit. It has a sleeker look with sharper lines. This style works better for a contemporary bathroom, but there are also models that feature more traditional aesthetics for older homes. These are a great option for a standard, contemporary, high-end bathroom. If you want a more stylized toilet then you can opt for the high-tank toilet. These toilets have a tank that rests higher up on the wall and is connected by a pipe to the base. It has a vintage look that can really make a bathroom’s style pop. If you want your toilet to have flashy appeal then the high-tank toilet is a great choice. Last but not least is the in-wall toilet. This contemporary style hides the tank within the wall so that only the base is exposed. The removal of the tank creates a futuristic vibe that instantly ups the visual interest in the bathroom. Try this style for a cleaner, less cluttered look in your contemporary bathroom!

There are also other aspects you need to consider when choosing the right toilet. For instance, you can choose a toilet with a higher seat height to make it easier to sit down and stand back up again. If you want to upgrade more than just your toilet’s aesthetics then you can also add a pressure-assisted flush system to the tank. The standard flush mechanism is gravity-assisted, which means that the pressure of the flushing is mostly determined by the force of gravity. A pressure-assisted flush will be far more powerful and make the bowl far cleaner after each flush.  Another fun option to consider is whether you want to replace the standard lever flush mechanism with a push button. Many modern toilets have switched to a push-button system that’s very elegant and sleek.

Choosing the right toilet can have a big effect, both aesthetic and practical, in your bathroom. Get informed and learn about all the options in the full article below!

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