Think Outside The Box For A Beautiful Bathroom

The common line of thought when decorating your home is that living room furniture goes in the living room, dining room furniture belongs in the dining room, and bathroom furniture lives in the bathroom. It makes things simple. But it also makes things predictable and limits your stylistic potential. Instead of letting your bathroom become a lifeless, boring room in your home because it only contains standard bathroom items, why not think outside the box a little and introduce some other types of furniture to the space? It can be exactly the breath of fresh air that your bathroom decor needs. Here are some of the best options for adding unexpected furniture to your bathroom!

Perhaps the best item you can add to your bathroom is a small stool or side table. Choose a wooden piece of furniture that adds texture and style. This can be used to holding magazines, extra toilet paper rolls, hand towels, candles… you get the picture. It can also come in handy when you need to take a seat and don’t want to sit on the toilet itself. They add tons of charm, too! Bathrooms also have a different scale compared to other rooms in the home. They’re usually smaller and feature smaller pieces of furniture. Go against the grain a bit and add a big sculpture or other oversized artistic element. It’ll really make the space pop!

Speaking of art, don’t forget that the bathroom can also greatly benefit from the addition artwork. You can keep it small by creating a mini vignette that rests on the top of your toilet’s tank or go a bit bigger by installing an entire gallery wall. If you decide to make a vignette then try to choose items that have a similar theme on different scales. For instance, a bigger painting of a flower combined with a small vase of flowers, as well as a candle in the same color family would make a great vignette. You can also use a variety of items on the wall instead of just artwork. Choose items that have visual interest! A vintage wood paddle connects the theme to water while looking very chic!

Don’t limit yourself to items that are “supposed” to go in the bathroom. Branch out and see how big of a difference it can make in your bathroom!

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March 2024
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