This Bathroom Transforms From ‘Blah’ To Beautiful

We sometimes allow ourselves to become so accustomed to the spaces that we occupy that we forget how much better they could be. The bathroom is one of those rooms that gets used day in and day out but is likely way overdue for an update. Thrifty Decor Chick, a design blogger, found herself in this situation with her bathroom. There was nothing wrong with her bathroom, per se, but once she decided to give it a makeover the finished room makes it incredibly clear how badly it needed it. The original yellow walls conflicted with the neutral-toned flooring and made the room appear as if it were poorly lit. The beautiful wainscoting was covered by the towels hanging from the rack. The white countertop failed to pop when paired with yellow walls. It was a very ‘blah’ room. The makeover did wonders for the room. Light gray walls allow the countertop to pop, the flooring to feel more natural, and provides a good balance for the new dark elements on the shower curtain and new wall art. It’s an incredible makeover. Check it all out in the article below!

Read the full article here: A Simple Bathroom Makeover (Paint Is The Bomb!)

May 2024
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