Why Shiplap Is the Trend You Can’t Miss

Shiplap has become one of the hottest trends for decorating the walls in your home. It creates a natural look, has dynamic texture, and is versatile enough to function across a wide variety of styles. But what exactly is shiplap and why did it become so popular? Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Simply put, shiplap is a series of long wood planks snapped together to create a tight seal. It was originally used as siding for sheds, barns, and other exterior walls. There’s a groove cut into the top and bottom of each wood plank so that the pieces fit together like puzzle pieces. This is what creates the tight seal as well as its distinctive, slatted look. So if it’s used mostly for exterior walls why is it something you would want inside your home? The answer is simple – it looks great!

Shiplap came into popularity on the heels of rustic chic style. Since shiplap is made of wood it fits right at home with the natural, textural essence of rustic chic decor. This is especially true when the shiplap is painted white. The slight spacing between boards adds an incredible amount of character to an otherwise blank wall. This makes it both minimal and interesting at the same time. It’s a subtle beauty that works well with contemporary black and white palettes, as well as contemporary patterns like buffalo plaid, Natural wood furniture matches well to shiplap walls, gold and brass accents pair perfectly with it, and plants are a natural fit. Basically, shiplap blends in perfectly with many of the core aspects of contemporary home styles.

Shiplap tends to look best when it’s painted white, but it can also be a striking visual statement when it’s left its natural color. It works well in any room in the house, but it can be especially effective in the bathroom. The traditional design for shiplap is to lay it horizontally, but you can also get great results by installing it vertically.

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