The Color That Will Reign in 2017 (There’s No Denying It)

There is a color that will reign in the year 2017 and there is no denying it. There is a really cool privilege you get when you work in the design industry and that is a look into the future and seeing what the interesting trends will be. There are many things that are going […]

Formica Countertops – Tips for Buying, Installing and Maintenance

Color dynamics demands that contrasting colors should be used and for the purpose of avoiding monotony if you have cabinets that are dark, it is advisable to opt for Formica that is light and warm colored. On the same note, cabinets that are light colored are better complimented by dark color Formica. For the purpose […]

Amazon’s Next Brick & Mortar Bet? Furniture

This isn’t Amazons first attack into physical retail locations; the organization has effectively opened bookshops in five states, and are near opening their no checkout line market, Amazon Go, to the general population in spite of the fact that the innovation is experiencing difficulty managing more than twenty individuals without a moment’s delay. Also, Amazon […]

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Kitchen Lights 2017

There are some very interesting kitchen lighting ideas for the year 2017. The kitchen is one of the hardest areas to light in a home. The lighting in the kitchen has to accomplish two things. It has to be adequate for the tasks you do in there and it also needs to be visually pleasing. […]

Michigan to replace thousands of Flint water lines in settlement

Michigan is going to replace thousands of Flint water lines in a settlement. At least 18000 homes in the state of Michigan will have their toxic water pipes replaced over the next three years. 87 million dollars has been put into the venture to get rid of service lines that have any lead, or galvanized […]

Low-Cost Bathroom Updates

Spring is here and that means it’s time to give your home a good reorganizing and l little redecorating. If you are not interested in spending an inordinate amount of time or money then read this article for some great tips on how to refresh and reorganize your bathroom that both time and cost effective. […]

Bathroom Remodel Ideas, Dos & Don’ts – Consumer Reports

7 do’s and some great don’t’s when remodeling your bathroom. I think anyone planning a remodel or upgrade in the bathroom should take the time to read this article. With personal experience and stories that friends and family has shared the very first point that was made is plan for the unexpected. There is always […]

Marble look wallpaper that you will love

If you think that wallpaper is outdated and no longer an accessory worth using, think again. There are still many wallpaper styles that you can rock in your home. One favorite wallpaper look is this marble style. Use this wallpaper in the kitchen, the bathroom, or anywhere else you want a touch of easy and […]