Before & After: An ’80s Bathroom Remodel Mixes Old & New — Sweeten

A stuffy bathroom from the 1980s was updated in a similar but modern retro style. The bathroom had a raised tub which worked well when the floor was reglazed with bright tiles. The traditional clunky medicine cabinet was replaced with something sleeker but still in warm woods and the pedestal sink was removed to make […]

Squeezing Warm Contemporary Comfort Into a 45-Square-Foot Bath (8 photos)

A not-so-user-friendly bathroom in Ottawa was given a complete renovation by sO Interiors. Having not been renovated since the 1980s, it came time to reinvigorate and streamline an archaic rest area. Gone is the cramped shower with its unfriendly bifold doors to make way for something far more comfortable. Even the commode was craftily designed […]

Stress Busters: 5 Home Improvements That Also Make You Feel Better

Tackling tough cleaning jobs, cleaning the windows, and scrubbing the baseboards are a few of the ways to reduce stress from your life and make your home look better. Who ever would’ve known that housecleaning could make such a difference in your life? It can certainly change your life forever when you’re cleaning the right […]

7 Pieces of Furniture That Work Hard for Their Keep (8 photos)

A wine rack like the one here lets you reclaim counter or cabinet space for everyday essentials. When the bed isn’t in use, you can use the piece as a seat, footstool or coffee table. Simply pop on a large tray, and you have a stable surface for food and drink. Just ensure that you […]

Bold Tile Solves a Color Question in a Basement Bath (11 photos)

Tile doesn’t have to be boring, even in a bathroom. Colors can add distinctiveness to any room’s design, and often act as a focal point for otherwise bland spaces. When mixed and matched with metals, tile, especially color tiles, can make a room pop with vibrant contrast. Just be aware of keeping the hues matched, […]

Before & After: A Large ’80s Bathroom Becomes Two for $4K

Chantel and her husband remodeled her dated 1980s bathroom for $4,000. Since they did most of the work without hiring outside contractors, and because some of the elements they ordered were slow to arrive, it took three months, but overall she is very happy with the value of her remodel. Key Takeaways: You can change […]

Common November Plumbing Mistakes

Plumbing mistakes can be very costly and can’t be ignored or glossed over. Your plumbing helps keep waste out of your home. If it backs up it is messy and a health hazard. This talks about some mistakes so you can avoid them. This will save you money and will also keep your home healthier […]

Not everybody has access to clean water and indoor plumbing

Life in Africa is something extremely different from the average American. The things we take for granted in America are basic necessities that some other developing countries simply don’t have. Take water for example. We have clean water in our toilets, while people in Ghana still walk everyday to the well to get their drinking […]

35 Best Rustic Bathroom Ideas for 2018

Rustic design offers a throwback contrast from modern and sleek elements that often dominate in today’s homes. Natural materials, starting with wood, make spaces warm and cozy. They remind you to relax. When paired with beautiful stone furnishings and accents, especially marble and granite, some very breathtaking arrangements can come to life. Key Takeaways: The […]