Storage Area Is Transformed Into a Soothing Master Bath (5 photos)

There was a storage area that was recently turned into a master bath. There is a California bathroom that shows everything new can be old again when you take into consideration the past of a home. One designer was given a very tough task of turning an old home into something modern. She wanted to […]

A Barn Door Gives This Bathroom More Room to Wow (4 photos)

Have you ever felt your walls were closing in on you. How about that room just isn’t roomy enough. How about adding a barn door? That’s just what this family did. You will see how they brought traditional and contemporary elements together to make a true statement while addding an airy feel to their home. […]

Hiring the Right Plumber

Hiring a plumber is made simpler with insight from this blog. The blogger teaches you the importance of checking qualifications and how to find the right plumber for you. They also explain what to expect from your plumber. It is also recommended to have the professional inspect your Home ahead of time. Key Takeaways: Home […]

What Modern Homebuyers Are Looking For (Hint: It’s NOT Granite Countertops)

Thinking about buying a house? Or better yet, thinking about selling your own home and wanting to get the best bang for your buck? You need to ask yourself what homeowners are looking for in a house nowadays. This blog provides great incite on which popular designs people really want in their homes. From gas […]

Mold Removal: Removing Small Mold Growth Solutions

Mold removing can be a do it yourself job. That is at least what you will read here. The writer gives you several options on how to remove mold from both porous and non porous surfaces with everyday household items such as bleach and borax. Mold Removal: Removing Small Mold Growth Solutions

Google Mapped 31 Spooky Sites Across The Country

Western Cemetery, Alcatraz, and The Stanley Hotel are among the 31 sites that Google recently mapped, noting them as some of the spookiest sites in the country. What a pleasant surprise with Halloween just around the corner. These are places that are spooky for one reason or another and only the brave dare enter. Key […]

How to Choose The Best Led Shower Head Types

on the matter of why you need it, these shower lights offer a mood change during your shower time.Let’s say you get back from work feeling tired, or you wake up but still feeling sleepy, these lights activate your mood. They’re also a lot of fun for kids when you want to give them a […]

This Old But Updated Trend Brings Quiet Luxury Back to Your Bathroom

When you think of a bathroom vanity, your thoughts might turn to over the top Hollywood glamour. The bathroom vanity is making a comeback but in a less outdated way. Here are examples of vanities that suit any space, style and budgets. Pictures are provided to help you determine how to update your bathroom with […]

If Americans used bidets fifteen million trees could be saved

If Americans started using bidets in their home bathrooms, it would cut back considerably on the use of toilet paper, which would assist in saving forests. While this is true, this would be quite a change for Americans since bidets have never been widely used in the U.S. In the early 18th century, bidets were […]