This Adorable Yarn Pom Pom Basket Is A Snap to Make

There are some DIY projects that are so simple and practical that it would be crazy not to do them. File this adorable yarn pom pom basket in that category. Baskets are incredibly convenient for any room in the house because they’re portable and they can hide all your clutter. This yarn pom pom basket […]

Steampunk in the Steam Room: This Pulley System Shower is Awesome

Is putting your shower on a pulley system completely unnecessary? Yes. But is it really cool? Definitely yes. An Australian ski lodge installed a pulley system to make it easy to adjust the height of a shower. Instead of form over function, this pulley system becomes a focal point in the room. The industrial look […]

These DIY Stamps Are Incredible For Every Room In Your House

Have a boring throw pillow that’s crying out for a makeover? What about a boring vase? The answer is DIY stamps. Creating beautiful patterns for your home decor is far easier than you ever thought possible by using DIY stamps. Making your own stamps at home is a breeze and you’ll find that you can […]

Stuff Is Style Too

Minimalist is “in.” Everyone likes to suggest paring down what you’ve got, opening the windows and letting some light in on your pale pastel walls and sparse furniture. But there is no shame in enjoying physical objects or bold colors and patterns. In fact, a “busy” space may make you feel more at home than […]

One Bedroom Homes, 40 Different Ways

That’s no typo. There are literally 40 designs here for all your living space layout needs. While some people find it easier to break out the measuring tape and order pieces blindly, others might want a detailed plan — and oh, what plans you’ll see! This showcase of a wide variety of designers’ ingenious tactics […]

From The Outside Looking In

And now we’re stepping outside the box again to take a look at your home’s exterior. While we’re primarily focused on making the inside as beautiful as possible, that doesn’t mean you should be content to leave it at that. Return to nature: try using plants or setting up a garden. Minimalist wall art can […]

Don’t Abandon (Friend)Ship

What happens when your friend isn’t the color expert you hoped they would be? Or if your mother-in-law has committed the most grievous of decorative sins?  It can be hard to bite your tongue. Compliment a single aspect you don’t find aesthetically unappealing. Point out how their personality is reflected in a single object to […]

Dog Person vs. Cat Person: Showdown and Show Off

You love your furniture. Your friends compliment your choice in this fixture or that fixture. But you are not the royalty who truly enjoys how you decorate your home — no, that honor is reserved for a very special furry someone (or someones). So we’re taking a quick break from what’s stylish and how to […]

Graduate From Blogs To Books

ApartmentTherapy, as we all know, is a blessing to the world of design blogging. And they are making it one step easier to take in their wisdom. In fact, you’ll be able to keep it by your bedside. Their “Complete + Happy Home” book, available for preorder, sets up a college course for you to […]

Make Room For Patterns

If you’re sick and tired of choosing between light salmon, chamomile yellow, or rainy day blue, maybe you’re not cut out for simple, plain colors. Patterns, however bold or mellow, can be an attractive accent. Go back to nature; seek interesting textures and designs; print a quirky picture over and over; or maybe even try […]