Les Miserably Uninformed: French Style 101

Romanticizing another culture isn’t wrong, but make sure you’re doing it right. French interior designer Nelly Reffet often experiences a culture clash when asked to provide her own country’s aesthetic for her clients. They dream in stereotypes and she deals in reality. No region is exactly like the next, although one can distill it down […]

Partners In Crime: Double Vanity Ideas

His or Hers? Yours or Mine? There’s an elephant in the room — metaphorically and literally, if you click through the article. What on earth do you do with that much space? Your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring just because you’ve installed a double vanity. From decoration to deflection (in case you don’t want […]

Be The Garden Gnome

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled programming to bring you HGTV’s “yard art spirit animal” quiz, because all work and no play will dull your imagination and make it harder to be that cool designer you were always meant to be. You know the drill: click on over, answer a few questions, and see if you’re as […]

The White Stuff

Remember reading about all of that monochrome stuff? Bring some life into your home in an unexpected way. Inside Out magazine’s August edition (which you can read online in several places) is here to reassure you that white doesn’t have to be boring. Everything stands out more. Color is always more vivid against the stark, […]

They’re Taking It Two Staircases At A Time

Some people design their homes for themselves. Some people design for their children. Sometime aesthetic gives way to ease of access. So what’s so strange about designing something for the convenience of your furry little family members? 07BEACH, designers based in Vietnam, came up with a double staircase: larger ones for their human contractors and […]

Organic Decoration

Ever hear of “urban jungle blogging”? In a project conceived by Happy Interiors Blog and JOELIX.com, bloggers are instructed to show off how they’re living with their plants according to different themes. “Celebrate color in summer” is July’s task. The pleasant green of Hannah’s Sago Palm contrasted with the warm colors and the star white […]

Harmonious Design, Harmonious Home

There’s a certain charm in discord, but the more harmonious the design, the more cozy your home will be. Apartment Therapy isn’t advocating copying and pasting, or reusing the same decor time and time again. Rather, they’re encouraging people to think outside the box. Echo, they say. Whether you reuse the same style of fabric […]