Kid’s Bathroom Updates You Can Do in a Weekend

In one single weekend, you can turn your kid’s bathroom into a unique, amazing space that suits their style and needs perfectly. What kind of updates are simple enough to complete in a weekend? Check out these updates and pick your favorites. You will love the way these updates make your kid’s bathroom look. Key […]

Bath Remodel Pictures

Starting from the bathtub, we placed a waterproof layer beneath, to prevent any leaks. After making sure it was waterproof, we proceeded to put the tub and started securing it and making sure it was in place. Later we waterproofed the edges with silicone to prevent the leakage of water beneath. This could cause mold […]

5 Household Items That Can Harm Your Drain

The drain is designed to hold water and household waste. It should not be used as a trash can or for disposal of trash-related items. In fact, some of them can even be harmful to your drain. The five household items listed here are those that do cause damage to your drain. 5 Household Items […]

Dreaming of a sweet little outhouse… because I am very weird

No one said that outhouses have to be dark, small, dirty and stinky. Construction of high up screens and buckets of woodchips can alleviate the dark and stinky. Well designed space and a light colored paint job makes a place seem bigger than it seems and quality care eliminates dirty. And, on the plus side, […]

Decorating a Small Bathroom: Ideas & Inspiration for Making the Most of Your Space!

Gather small bathroom decorating ideas, and get ready to add style and appeal to a snug bathroom space. If you’re remodeling or installing a bathroom, you’ll want to browse small bathroom decorating ideas. While the blueprint for your bathroom won’t change based on how it’s decorated, you can “expand” the space with a few strategic […]

Towels, Sheets, BIFL: An Interview With the Reddit Queen of Home Textiles

The BIFl section of Reddit talks about things you need to have in your life that will last a lifetime. One reader says that cast iron pans were something she found and loved once she learned to season them correctly. Most modern things were built to be replaced, so she avoids anything that comes with […]