4 Ways to Give Your House That Lovin’ Feeling

Your home needs TLC, but when it seems that it is lacking, what do you do? There are many ways that you can add that feeling of love into your home, and it might be easier to do than you imagined. You can start adding the feeling to your home with these four techniques. They’re […]

7 Hot 2017 Bathroom Design Trends You Need to Add Style to Your Space

Heated floors and bold geometric patterns, one level bathrooms and ones with great views… bathrooms are no longer the room hidden away in a corner of a home or at the end of a hallway. The seven bathrooms shown in this post have style, functionality and creative elements built in and added as accents. The […]

5 Kitchen Trends with Serious Staying Power

While it seems that home design and decorating trends are constantly on the change, there are five trends the author of this blog believes are around for the long haul. Glass cabinet doors, black cabinets and subway tiles, with there increasing design possibilities, are just a few of the ones that have picked up momentum […]

This Beautiful Trend Has Everything to Do With Doing Nothing At All

There are two different kinds of wood trim: stain grade and paint grade. Stain grade is made of higher quality wood, intended to be stained so that the woodgrain shows through. Paint grade trim is lower quality. So if your trim is painted, but you crave the natural look, it’s wise to strip the paint […]

5 Bathroom Cleaners You need to Have and Why

It is important to clean a bathroom effectively and the best way to do that is through the use of the proper cleaning agents. There are many different types and each one has its own purpose. Read this article to learn the type cleaners, in what area of the bathroom they are best used, and […]

Improving Your Space With a Modern Bathroom Sink

A modern bathroom sink can improve both functionality of a bathroom and the aesthetics. Due to the wide range of sizes, shapes, materials, and looks the sink can easily be incorporated into an existing bathroom without alterations. However, due to the huge variety sometimes it is hard to think about the pros and cons of […]

Mold in the Shower: Prevention Tips and Tricks

Where there’s water, there’s mold, or at least, the possibility for mold to develop. Unfortunately, this includes the place in your home where you go to get clean… the shower. Believe it or not, the very product you use to get yourself clean, your soap, is a key player in helping mold grow! Ew! So […]

The Beauty of Monochrome Bathrooms (13 photos)

If you never thought of a monochrome bathroom this will make you do just that because the pictures are great. You can do your own bathroom like this to get into the new trend. It’s very interesting and looks great. These pictures will provide encouragement and will help you choose what to do with your […]

Humid Air Extraction From Bathrooms

There is no need to be worried about size or appearance. Nowaday’s extract fans have gone through a long evolution. They have become not only smaller but quieter, more energy efficient and more stylish. There are many features that can be selected with different products, such as motion activated lights or heat exchanger ventilation. Key […]