Bradley Advocate AV-Series handwashing system

The Av hand washing series is a new way to wash your hands. This is a hands free all in one washer, dryer and soap dispenser. This sink minimizes hand washing time and is also a cleaner choice when it comes to washing and drying your hands. This is a much greener piece of equipment. […]

10 Tile Layouts You Haven’t Thought Of (11 photos)

These are great ideas for tile layouts. They will add beauty to your home. Most people just lay tile in plain rows but with a little creativity you can use it to make your home more interesting. These will be eye catching. You need only look at the photos to see that. 10 Tile Layouts […]

Common Plumbing Problems and You

Everyone wants a beautiful home. A central part of keeping your home beautiful is to keep the plumbing system functioning properly. A key component is the toilet system, with clogs being the most common toilet issue. A plunger used in combination with hot water is a great, efficient way to unclog a toilet. An easy […]

The art of water leak detection

Water leak locators use specially designed sensors that listen for the gurgling or hammering of a cracked pipe below ground. A ground sensor locates through hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and tile. A probe sensor picks up leaks through soft surfaces such as grass or carpet, or it can be used as a contact probe […]

After Just 2 ‘Uh-Oh’ Moments, a New Master Bath (7 photos)

To save money, rather than buy prefabricated shiplap, the Schiffgens purchased wood and had it cut to their specified sizes. Unfortunately, not all the pieces were cut correctly, so some didn’t line up right or weren’t the proper width. The couple had to make lots of extra cuts to fix the issue. Once they got […]

How to Create the Pale and Pretty Coastal Look (11 photos)

A coastal-style interior is, ironically, mostly about what’s outside. To hint at ocean views, wide horizons and sunlight reflecting off blue seas, create a bright, clean backdrop indoors to reflect as much natural light as possible for a fresh, breezy feel. So grasp those outdoorsy feeling pieces that make you feel like you are at […]

Ideas & Inspiration for Filling up Your Bare Walls with Art!

Art can add a lot to the look of your house, but there are so many types out there which can make choosing hard. This will give you inspiration so you can get some art. Some like landscapes, others like abstracts, and that’s not even close to all there is. Key Takeaways: One of the […]

13 products to help clients age in place

Forget the nursing home! Many senior patients are choosing to stay in their own homes as they age, leaving the nursing home behind. Thanks to technology, many products help seniors simplify their life at home. The 13 products listed on this page are great items to buy if your loved one is living at home. […]

Room of the Day: Coastal Bathroom Raises the Roof (8 photos)

This coastal bathroom looks great and will give you ideas for creating your own. Bathroom remodeling can e a pain but if you know what you want and how to get it there it can take some of the stress away. The coastal look is very popular ad always ads a lightness to the home […]