DIY Easter Projects You And Your Family Will Love

Now that spring weather is finally arriving it’s time to start thinking about Easter! It’s coming up fast and you’ll want to be ready for the holiday with lots of charming decor for your home! This year have fun by tackling some DIY Easter decor projects. A really great project for you to do with […]

Quick And Easy DIY Cork Jar Topper Project

Want to give your bathroom a little more personality? This DIY cork topper project is the perfect solution! Jars are a wonderful accessory for the bathroom because they can hold all sorts of loose toiletry items like q-tips, cotton balls, and hair clips. But you can make any jar even more visually interesting and beautiful […]

This Before-And-After Bathroom Makeover Is Like Night And Day

Bathrooms are supposed to feel clean, but you’re not doing yourself any favors if you’re bathroom feels completely sterile. You want some life and color in your bathroom to keep the energy fresh and inviting! And you don’t have to tackle a huge DIY project to make it happen. Sometimes all you need is a […]

This Charming DIY Easter Egg Table Cloth Is A Simple And Fun Project

Need a quick, fun project to add some Easter flair to your home? This DIY Easter tablecloth is the perfect answer! The project is incredibly simple. The only supplies you’ll need are the classic plastic Easter eggs that have two tiny holes in the top, plain hoop earrings, and a tablecloth! Thread the hoop earrings […]

DIY Organization Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

It’s almost time to get your spring cleaning into full swing! But this year instead of just cleaning out your house how about you also try to get it more organized in the process? There are lots of great ways to organize your home that you might not have considered in the past. For instance, […]

Chess-Patterned Tile Floors Are Still The King

When you think of classic tiles for the kitchen and bathroom floor what do you imagine? Most people immediately imagine the black-and-white chess board pattern that was prolific for decades in homes and businesses alike. You might think it’s out of date, but the chess board pattern is timeless and can look as great today […]

The Five Essential Decor Items For A Beautiful Home

Every designer has their own bag of special style tricks. Blogger Thrifty Decor Chick is no different. She’s shared her five essential decorating tips and they’re all perfect! What’s her secret list? Mirrors, plants, baskets, trays, and vases. According to her those are the five most valuable decor items that you can use to enhance […]

This Medicine Cabinet Goes From Drab To Fab!

Admit it, you’re probably not in love with the way the inside of your medicine cabinet looks. But it’s also not so bothersome that you’ve ever taken the time to improve it. However, once you see the amazing difference between the original medicine cabinet and the finished makeover in the article below you’ll want to […]

Bring The Charm With Barn Doors In Your Home

Barn doors are coming back in a big way. They take up less space than a traditional swinging door and add tons of charm to a space. While they can be used anywhere in the home they’re perhaps best-suited to the entryway to a bathroom. For instance, a barn door for an en-suite master bathroom […]

This Contemporary Extension Excels In Every Way

Want to see a contemporary extension done right? Look no further than this home in Melbourne, Australia! The new addition has everything you could want from a contemporary home. It has an open-floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows that transition directly out onto the patio, and a great minimalist vibe. But where this extension excels is in […]