You Have To See These Amazing Converted Barns!

Spacious, full of natural textures and features, and steeped with potential, it’s possible that barns are the perfect modern home. Converting a barn into a modern home is one of the hottest design trends – and rightfully so! The combination of old wooden beams rich with history and creamy, white, minimal design is undeniably gorgeous. […]

Nail The Open Shelf Kitchen Look With These Essential Tips

Open shelves in the kitchen are a big trend right now, but there’s more to creating the open shelf look than simply removing the doors from your cabinets. If you want to master open shelves then you need to learn the most effective methods for arranging your items. For instance, organizing your shelf items by […]

Elevate Your Style And Maximize Space With A Lofted Bed

Loft beds are popular in many parts of the world, but they’ve never quite caught on in the US. But once you see these examples of modern loft beds you might begin to realize just how practical and beautiful they are! They have an undeniably striking visual appeal and they’re unbeatable when it comes to […]

Use Plain Tile To Create Serious Style

Sometimes our budgets end up being the deciding factor for our design choices, but that doesn’t mean you have to end up with something boring or uninteresting! For example, choosing the right tile for your bathroom or kitchen project might be limited by your budget to something simple like white tile. So what? You can […]

This Is The Coolest Modern Home Design You’ll See All Week

Want to see the coolest floor plan for a modern home? It involves three separate, cubic volumes that are stacked together like a pyramid. Two base sections support a third section above and between them. The gap between the bottom two volumes is a wooden pathway that connects the front and back of the house. […]

Salvage Your Storage With These Essential DIY Closet Ideas

It takes very little time for a closet to go from clean and organized to a cluttered mess. Having a perfect closet is something we all aspire to have one day, but more often than not closets end up looking like a mess. If you want to start taking the right steps toward a clean […]

Make A Bold, Beautiful Statement With A Mural!

You might think of murals as being limited to the sides of buildings in your city’s downtown, but you might be surprised to learn how well they work in your own home! A mural combines the bold beauty of statement art and the eye-catching appeal of a feature wall. Having a mural in your home […]

Create A Calming Oasis In Your Home With These Tips

Your home should be a calm retreat from the stress of the outside world. It should be a place where you feel completely comfortable and at ease. But not all homes are inherently calm. Some homes are cluttered, a little dirty, or lacking the elements that exude a calming sensation. If you want to make […]

That’s Right – Vinyl And Linoleum Floors Are Back!

When you think of vinyl and linoleum flooring you might have horrifying flashbacks to your childhood home. It’s true that vinyl and linoleum were once hideous and cheap flooring options, but what you might not have realized is that these materials are now just as modern, beautiful, and worthy of your consideration as all of […]

Drape Hanging Secrets You Need To Know

You’ve chosen the perfect drapes, installed the curtain rod, and then as soon as you hang the drapes something doesn’t feel quite right. For some reason it can be tricky making your drapes look as good as they do in the magazines or online. However, there are certain tricks that you might not be aware […]