This Contemporary Stunner Is Hidden Deep In The Woods

Rustic. Contemporary. Organic. Beautiful. All of these words can describe this incredible home deep in the forests of Wisconsin. The exterior is comprised of natural horizontal planks of wood interrupted by massive floor-to-ceiling windows. The architecture trends toward the modern box geometry that gives the appearance of several cubic volumes stacked atop one another. A […]

The Tips You Need To Maximize Your Small Bathroom Space

If you have a small bathroom then you know how difficult it can be to maximize the space with your design. Painting the room white and decluttering it are good starts, but if you really want to get serious about making the most of your small bathroom then there are several other ideas you should […]

Textured Wallpaper Is What Your Home Is Missing

Wallpaper is currently in the midst of a true renaissance. Modern wallpaper technology has made it easier than ever to install and remove, but it’s also led to some absolutely phenomenal textured styles that were never possible in the past. Texture is a design element that’s being sought after in almost every type of modern […]

Drop Dead Gorgeous Bathrooms That Will Inspire You

Wish you had a bathroom that felt completely unique and bursting at the seams with character? It can be hard to find the proper inspiration, but the examples in the article below will help you get started! You’ll love the way the rustic bathroom incorporates a mix of textured materials like bricks, cowhide, natural wood, […]

Show-stopping DIY Springtime Wreathes

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to bust out the pastels, rabbit figurines, and flowers! This year if you want to really set the tone for spring then you should create a beautiful springtime wreathe for your front door or anywhere else in your home! There are so many different fun […]

Patterns Are The Perfect Pairing For Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the perfect room to have some fun and get creative with pattern play. Whether you choose to try out new patterns using tile, wallpaper, or your accessories, there are plenty of great options available. Since chances are good that you’ll be using tile in your bathroom no matter what this becomes a natural […]

Wallpaper Saves The Day For This Guest Bathroom

Wallpaper is back in the spotlight in the design world. Newer, easier-to-apply wallpapers are making them a great candidate for giving any room a big makeover without a big expense. One of the best rooms for wallpaper is the bathroom. They’re small enough that wallpaper is very affordable and the bathroom has some design leniency […]

This Bathroom Transforms From ‘Blah’ To Beautiful

We sometimes allow ourselves to become so accustomed to the spaces that we occupy that we forget how much better they could be. The bathroom is one of those rooms that gets used day in and day out but is likely way overdue for an update. Thrifty Decor Chick, a design blogger, found herself in […]

Neon Accents Make These Apartments Pop

Adding bright colors to your home can be a scary prospect. No matter what they’ll attract attention. However, a bright color and increased attention is sometimes exactly what a home needs, especially in small spaces. Take the two small apartments in the article below for example. Not only do they use bright colors they’ve chosen […]

This Simple Trick Will Make Cleaning Grout A Breeze

Cleaning grout is one of those projects that most people put off for as long as possible because they know it’s going to be an absolute nightmare. You’ve probably tried all sorts of solutions in the past like using a toothbrush and OxyClean or just spraying it down with an endless amount of peroxide, but […]