Ingenious Alternative Ways To Use Bar Carts

There are few home decor elements as elegant and functional as a bar cart. Sure the bar cart excels at displaying and storing all of your favorite spirits and glassware, but it can also be used for a variety of other household display duties! Try using a bar cart as a platform for holding all […]

Smart Storage Solutions From The Tiny Home Movement

The tiny house movement is gaining momentum, but you don’t need to go out and buy a tiny home to get the benefits of one! The thing that tiny homes get absolutely right is their storage. Tiny home designs have to be incredibly inventive when it comes to storage space since it’s at a real […]

Pink Is The Perfect Palette For Any Room!

Rose Quartz is one of Pantone’s two colors of the year. It’s a light, airy pink that feels effortlessly modern yet nostalgic. It’s a color that’s reminding the design world of the complexity and versatility of pink. You can use pink in any room of your home to create a serene and cheerful space. Your […]

Make Your Bathroom A Restorative Retreat With Tropical Decor

Your bathroom should feel like a retreat. It’s this modern philosophy that’s leading bathroom design toward a spa-like experience that’s transportive and restorative. One of the best ways to create that ‘staycation’ feeling in your own bathroom is to incorporate tropical elements into the decor. If the sound of ‘tropical elements’ makes you immediately think […]

Bathroom Wallpaper Is Back And More Stunning Than Ever

Wallpaper was once the natural choice for every wall in the home, especially the bathroom. Then people learned how terrible it was to remove and wallpaper lost favor with many designers. However, modern versions of wallpaper have taken care of that issue and look better than ever. If you’ve been neglecting wallpaper then now is […]

Add Texture And Fun To Decor With DIY Pom-Poms!

Pom-poms are for more than sitting on top of winter stocking caps. They’re a really fun and easy way to add extra texture and fluff to your home decor. Throw pillows and throw blankets are just waiting to be given more personality with the addition of pom-poms. And it turns out they’re really simple to […]

Wacky Bathroom Wall Ideas That Are Too Cool To Miss

Most bathroom decor ideas involve painting the walls a color that you love or a color that makes the space feel bigger. But most advice focuses on ideas that are traditional and safe. The ideas in the article below are, for lack of a better word, wild! For example, one idea involves newspaper clippings shaped […]

You’ll Be Floored By This Easy DIY Floor Mat Idea

Want to have a fabric floor mat that will perfectly match your style and be completely unique to your home? Then you’ll love this DIY fabric floor mat project! All you’ll need are some basic sewing skills, a yoga mat, and a good eye for fabric. The basic idea is that you’ll be creating a […]

Enter the Future With Pivoting Doors

If you thought it was impossible to reinvent the door then you haven’t seen these futuristic, extremely sleek pivoting doors. It takes such a simple concept and revolutionizes it. The pivoting door is as large as a set of double doors but opens on a central or slightly off-center hinge. This subtle change in the […]

This Dining Room Is Transformed Into An Elegant Master Bath

When dealing with a giant fixer upper it takes some real creativity to get the most use out of the space. This home in Seattle had a serious deficit when it came to its master bathroom. It was such a tiny bathroom that the only way to make it useful was to knock down a […]